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I'm new to windows programs developing. Now I got a question about how to debug a DLL case under visual studio, which is say I have a Obj{} class defined in a DLL file named "objs.dll". And the class has a nonstatic member function Obj::doSomething(), which returns a string for example. Now in main block function, there is a call to obj.doSomething(). What I want to do is in the Immediate Window I print this function to observe the result. However it's certainly failed.

After asking for google, I know that I can use context operator. So if I want to output a function which is a global function or static function, I can write it like this :

? {,,objs.dll}doSomething()

It's no problem. But here my function is a member function belonging to a class. So how can I do the similar thing to get its result ?

Many Thanks.

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