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i am trying to convert an excel workbook to HTML page. The plan is to make the HTML as close possible replica of the excel sheet as possible. For this, i need to migrate the style settings for each Cell (HSSFCellStyle) to CSS.

The first thing that came to my naive mind is that if there is a library avaiable to do this conversion, my work would be reduced by leaps and bounds.

Is anyone aware of such a library or utility? Am I following the right apprach or is there something avaiable to do this (excel - html) already?

Thanks, amit

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Given that Excel itself can save as an HTML page (and presumably do this well), would it make more sense to run up an Excel COM control (via JACOB, say), and get the COM control to save as HTML ? I realise this solution doesn't use POI, but it may be the simplest solution to achieve a decent result.

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