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Does anybody know an open-source\free library that does term clustering?

Thanks, yaniv

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Apache Mahout provides algorithms for clustering.

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thanks. it might be helpfull, but i'm looking for something specific for term clustering. – hulkingtickets Dec 24 '09 at 21:19

Checkout NLTK. There's a number of clustering modules that might work for you.

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WEKA has a whole suite of tools for text processing along with clustering.

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If your in to python there is NLTK, as already mentioned by it's author, but there is also sklearn which provides much more than just clustering. (Link takes you to text applicable examples).

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Python Scikit learn has some dedicated packages for text analysis. Besides they have a complete suite of Clustering Algorithms that includes K-means, AP, Mean shift, Spectral Clustering, Hierarchical Clustering and DBSCAN algorithms (with appropriate evaluation metrics). This may be helpful your term clustering task.

Link to Scikit Learn latest video tutorial

Link to Scikit Learn Book

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