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I cannot run PowerShell.exe in a Cygwin rxvt or mintty terminal. Seems any session using a /dev/tty? or /dev/pts? pseudo terminal device. An instance using the junky windows console device /dev/console or /dev/cons? will work.

cygstart /bin/bash -li

launches the console version in the cruddy Windows Command Prompt which is the only place I can get an interactive PowerShell.


Works. Rxvt doesnt: rxvt

Nor does mintty: mintty

I've tried all the echo -e | powershell.exe and powershell.exe </dev/null

I'm assuming when I see answers on Stackoverflow on this they are using Console's ... or am I missing something?

Why I cannot run PowerShell 2 from Cygwin? seems to run fine, just gets powershell v3 when he wants v2 ... wish I had that problem.

I've developed a powershell wrapper to call powershell scripts and commands from a Cygwin terminal session but cannot get the interactive option to work (if you give the wrapper no script or commands then you want to go interactive). see https://bitbucket.org/jbianchi/powershell/wiki/ for info on the wrapper script. It works for most powershell.exe calls and even acts like a "she-bang" if used in the first line of the ps1 script.

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I'm afraid I can't answer your question, but maybe I can help you a little further on your way with this:

I believe this is related to this issue, as discussed on the MinTTY Issue #56. It goes into great detail as to how common cmd.exe shell applications work and interact, so much as they detail how common unix applications using their TTY abstraction layer work differently than Windows command line applications.

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The solution I've found is to use Proxy32's proxywinconsole.exe program. If this program is in the path, my poweshell.bash wrapper will call it which will let you work interactively with PowerShell.

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If you need to run powershell inside cygwin/babun, follow https://code.google.com/p/mintty/issues/detail?id=56#c64 . Bascilly, downloard or compile https://github.com/rprichard/winpty, copy it to your $PATH and then run

console.exe powershell

This also works with batch scripts that invoke powershell inside.

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If I cannot use RXVT with Cygwin, I'd give up on Windows and go to a linux desktop ... but the Windows desktop is what I have to support. –  johnnyB Sep 11 '14 at 23:23

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