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I'd like to have a little batch script that whenever I close the visual studio GUI automatically runs subversion update, then CMAKE, and then restarts visual studio with the solution. Unfortunately I can't seem to write start the visual studio GUI and wait until it is finished.

I already tried

call "%VS100COMNTOOLS%\vsvars32.bat"
start /wait devenv solution.sln

Which starts the GUI, but the command line immediately returns without waiting.

I basically would like to have something like

call "%VS100COMNTOOLS%\vsvars32.bat"
svn update
start /wait devenv solution.sln

Is it even possible to wait for the GUI to close?

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You've run across a little trick that Microsoft uses: there are two devenvs.

One of them is and the other one is devenv.exe. devenv.exe is the actual Visual Studio IDE that you want to run., on the other hand, is a console-mode program that runs the IDE (devenv.exe) and redirects its error messages to stderr. (It's used as part of build scripts, where you want to know what happened when you tried to build.) Since it starts another program and then returns immediately, it's no good to wait on.

Due to some rules going all the way back to MS-DOS, .com files take precedence over .exe files, if you don't specify a file extension.

If you write start /wait devenv.exe solution.sln it will do what you want.

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Ha, I thought I have tried all combinations with start and cmd and and devenv.exe - but apparently I did not use this one. Thanks! – martinus Oct 25 '13 at 7:54

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