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I want to upload files using FormData Object(html5) in dojo and without using XmpHttpRequest. I am using dojo.xhrPost to upload files.

Please post your ideas/thoughts and experience.

Thanks Mathirajan S

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I'm confused. XMLHttpRequest is the base of all AJAX requests, even for dojo.xhrPost. What do you think the xhr in xhrPost stands for? (X ML H ttp R equest). So in fact you're using XMLHttpRequest too. – g00glen00b Oct 25 '13 at 10:07
You are absolutely right. But my question is, Can I use FormData object to upload files with dojo.xhrPost. – Sethupathy Mathirajan Oct 25 '13 at 12:57

Based on your comment I am assuming you do want to use XHR (which would make sense given that FormData is part of the XHR2 spec).

dojo/request/xhr (introduced in Dojo 1.8) supports passing a FormData object via the data property of the options object, so that may get you what you want., {
    data: formdataObjectHere
    // and potentially other options...

The legacy dojo/_base/xhr module does not explicitly support XHR2, but it does lean on dojo/request/xhr now, so it might end up working anyway, but no guarantees there.

More information on dojo/request/xhr can be found in the Reference Guide.

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