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I am new to svn and am struggling with some basics.

I am using Subclipse for all the below. I have checked out a copy of the trunk as my local working copy. I have created a branch from my "local working copy of trunk".

  • I want to commit changes from local working copy of trunk to the new branch I created. But when I click commit, it will commit to trunk and not the new branch. How do I commit to the new branch created?

  • After that once I am fine with the branch, I want to merge the branch into the trunk. How do I merge the branch into the trunk?

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After you create the branch, you need to "switch" your working copy to that branch. There is a checkbox on the Create branch dialog to do this, but you can also do it after the fact using Team > Switch.

To merge back to trunk, you must first switch your working copy to trunk. Then use Team > Merge and choose your branch as the merge source.

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