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I have a math class in a package mypackage. Now I want to import this class in MVEL and assign values to its property and access its method. I have written the following code but its giving error as

Exception in thread "main" [Error: unknown class or illegal statement: 

Code is

ParserContext context = new ParserContext();
context.addImport("math",mypackage.MyMaths.class);//MyMaths.class is public
context.addInput("obj", mypackage.MyMaths.class);

String expression1 = "obj.a == 20";//a is public property

Serializable compiled1 = MVEL.compileExpression(expression1,context);

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Please try with the below approach.

 public static void main(String[] args) {

        Map map = new HashMap();
        MyMaths mayMaths = new MyMaths();
        map.put("obj", mayMaths);

        String expression1 = "obj.a = 20";

        Serializable compiled1 = MVEL.compileExpression(expression1);

        MVEL.executeExpression(compiled1, map);


Output - 20

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