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We have a page layout as below, with jQuery click handler for a large number of HTML elements (thousands of DIVs).

The layout is like this:

enter image description here

The Navbar contains at least 2000+ DIVs and UL , LI (used for content navigation), and we have jQuery event handler bind to each element:


  /* click handler */


It took a lot of times to load, and on IE the performance is terrible !!! Is there anyway we can improve it ? or any alternative design to handle this problem ?

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You can also use on function (

for example:

$('div.navbar').on('click', '.navbar-item', function(){ 

  /* click handler */

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How does this help with performance? –  subZero Oct 25 '13 at 9:33
Simple, click modify dom tree, on do it dynamicly. But on, do not take event click to html object, but only for div.navbar. –  Naster Oct 25 '13 at 9:55

You have many possibilities to improve the performances

1. You can load div just when user scroll and use Ajax

2. use .on and not .click to add listener dynamically

For example, you can load some div and check the scroll, use this function from James Padolsey, it works on all browsers

function getDocHeight() {
    var D = document;
    return Math.max(
        Math.max(D.body.scrollHeight, D.documentElement.scrollHeight),
        Math.max(D.body.offsetHeight, D.documentElement.offsetHeight),
        Math.max(D.body.clientHeight, D.documentElement.clientHeight)

$(window).scroll(function() {
       // when the scroll is in bottom
       if($(window).scrollTop() + $(window).height() == getDocHeight()) {
           // use ajax to get more div
               url: "otherDivs.php", // page where you load div
               data { firstDiv : '10', secondDiv : '20'}, // parameters : To load div 10 to 20
               type: "POST"
           .done(function( html ) {
               $( "body" ).append( html ); // html contain div 10 to 20

It's just some ways to help you

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Reduce the number of nodes on the page. Load only what the user needs immediately, lazy load when the user scrolls down or opens a navigation level (in case you have a collapsible tree).

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If the click handler is the same for more items instead of using:


    /* click handler */


you can make this:

var functionNav = function(){
    /* click handler */

$('.navbar-item').on("click", functionNav)

If the functions are similar you can also parametrise a function to make more tasks.

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