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What is the difference between:

thread_envs[i] = soap_copy(&env);


thread_envs[i] = soap_new();

Sould we use one of them or both?

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From the documentation:

struct soap *soap_new()

Allocates, initializes, and returns a pointer to a runtime environment

struct soap *soap_copy(struct soap *soap)

Allocates a new runtime environment and copies contents of the environment such that the new environment does not share any data with the original environment

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thanks! can we use them in the same program? – Apollo Dec 24 '09 at 15:13

The answer really depends on your intention: do you want a new, blank environment for each thread (use soap_new()) or a separate copy of the existing environment for each thread (use soap_copy()). The process of copying the environment probably has some additional overhead, so all other things being equal, use soap_new().

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