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I need to register new device because I need mobileprovision. I can't use mobileprovision because UDID has FFFFFFFF on start. I think it is wrong UDID.

Any idea how to fix it?

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Yes. The "FFFFFFFF" UDIDs are wrong. This seems due to the fact that the UDID is now considered a Privacy Topic and thus Apps are not allowed anymore to retrieve them... and iOS returns an obfuscated UDID if called and precedes the first digits with FFFFFFFF. So I guess some of your clients got the UDID via an App on the device.

See here: "The only & unique method to get UDID under iOS7 is to plug your device to a computer, launch iTunes (or Xcode) and copy the displayed UDID."

But I have to add: there are at least two more options:

  1. Our testers that provided their UDID by registering their devices via also got non-FFFFFFFF UDIDs that worked.
  2. Testers can surf with their device's Safari to: - this site installs a (temporary!) profile on the device which allows it to show the user a working UDID for copy & paste.
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you can use to get the proper UDID of the device(s) the followings:

  • iTunes application;
  • the Xcode Organiser option;

or online:

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get UDID through Organizer or iTunes. if you are getting it through 3rd party software, that might be wrong.

For Organizer, press Command+Shift+2 on XCode

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You can avoid installing iTunes on Windows by using USBDeview, which is less than 200k in size. The "Serial Number" column under USBDeview is the UDID.

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