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Im a beginner scripter, writing scripts in tcsh and csh(these are teached in my course)

Im writing a script which uses find for putting path of directories this is the part of the script:

set list = (`find $cesta -type d`)

it works fine until the file or directory names arent named such as: fi@@lename&& or −filename or :−,?!drectoryanem!-``

These special characters i couldnt handle i changed the find script to:

set list = ("`find $cesta -type d`")

bit none of these works, when i want to use the path from the list in this next script:

foreach i ($list:q)
   foreach file (`find "$i" -maxdepth 1 -type f`)

it couldnt handle these special file names, so i get many errors like find: −."!filenda no such filename or directory

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I worked it out

It had to be this way:

set subor = ("`find "'"$i"'" -type f -maxdepth 1`")

now it ignores everything in the filenames

and in:

foreach j ($subor:q)

i quoted it this way it ignores the white characters in file names

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