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I have a sample file "sample.json" which contains 3 json objects


(there is no newline in above file)

I want to read all three json objects using jsoncpp.

I'm able to read the first object but not after it.

Here is relevant portion of my code

    Json::Value root;   // will contains the root value after parsing.
    Json::Reader reader;
    std::ifstream test("sample.json", std::ifstream::binary);
    bool parsingSuccessful = reader.parse(test, root, false);
    int N = 3;
    if (parsingSuccessful)
         for (size_t i = 0; i < N; i++)
                std::string A= root.get("A", "ASCII").asString();
                std::string B= root.get("B", "ASCII").asString();
                std::string C= root.get("C", "ASCII").asString();
                std::string D= root.get("D", "ASCII").asString();
               //print all of them
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I believe your JSON file is syntactically invalid. See www.json.org. Your file should contain a single object or array, e.g. in your case it should like this:


Then you can access each object of the array in your loop:

for (size_t i = 0; i < root.size(); i++)
    std::string A = root[i].get("A", "ASCII").asString();
    // etc.
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