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This is related to Why does HTML5 not include a way of loading local HTML into the document?

The following is what I want to do and seems sensible

  1. Define /fragments.html page in my server containing multiple text fragments - e.g.

    <script id="title_wrapper" type="text/fragment">
            <strong>something wonderful</strong>
  2. Include /fragments.html in my appcache manifest which is set-up to only refresh upon a server event - i.e. an upgrade redeploy

  3. Include /fragments.html in each page that requires it

  4. Use the fragments as required

The point here being that the fragments (and client-side javascript) are downloaded once (per server version! theoretically), cached and are generally available as they are immutable.

Is the long-term high-bar cross-platform solution to use the object tag (HTML5 include file) in concert with appcache? Also, ideally I want markup to remain markup and not be wrapped in javascript which I'm currently considering as the low bar solution.

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