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I want, from my archetype, to create an xml file which name has two variables concatenated together.

Example: archetype-metadata.xml

    <requiredProperty key="category"/>
    <requiredProperty key="description"/>

Given category="MyCategory" and description="MyDescription", I want my file to be named "MyCateogryMyDescription.xml". Not "MyCategory-MyDescription.xml" nor anything else with something between the two.

The reason behind this weird, specific, inflexible requirement is, well, obviously backward compatibility with standards I don't want to touch.

My first try was the obvious __category____description__.xml, but it turns out that the generated file is named "MyCategory__description__.xml". If I add something between them, like a dash as __category__-__description__.xml it resolves correctly to "MyCategory-MyDescription.xml", but that's not what I want as I said before.

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I'm having the same problem now. Have you meanwhile found a solution for this? –  René Schubert Oct 17 '14 at 9:24

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