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I'm attempting to write an AS2 RTMP player, doing every programmatically.

I think the code is almost there and know almost zero about Actionscript but I am vaguely aware that I need to add something along the lines of createEmptyMovieClip ( ..., ... ) and add it to the stage to finish the code below but my attempts have been fruitless. Is someone able to tell me what exactly I need to do to get the following code to actually display the video, or better still direct me to a complete AS2 player with onscreen controls that I can adapt?


class RTMPPlayer extends MovieClip {

private var url;
private var videoname;
private var my_nc;
private var my_ns;
private var video:Video;

public function RTMPPlayer ( mc ) {

    my_nc = new NetConnection ( );          

    url = "rtmpt://fms.12E5.edgecastcdn.net:80/0012E5/";
    videoname = "mp4:videos/Qvxp3Jnv-483";
    my_nc.connect ( url );      

    my_ns = new NetStream ( my_nc );

    video = new Video();
    video.width = 1280;
    video.height = 720;

    video.attachVideo ( my_ns );
    my_ns.setBufferTime ( 2 );
    my_ns.play ( videoname );       

public static function main ( mc:MovieClip ) : Void {   
    var test = new RTMPPlayer ( mc );   


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first of all, is the stream available? trying to connect to it yields "missing stream" reports. –  Helmut Granda Oct 27 '13 at 5:33

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