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This is my first message on this forum that has helped me a few times, so I hope I can get some help this time again.

As this topic should be interesting for other people, I'll say what I want to do first, and ask my questions then.

The purpose of my app is to receive a message sent from another terminal. It could be another Windows Phone, but it could also be an Arduino or a passive tag. The only constraint I set here is that I want my app to be launched when I tap my phone on that terminal. So, for this, I use the PeerFinder.Start() method, and the TriggerConnectionStateChanged event, that allows me to create a socket and retrieve its information as soon as the Connection State is "Connected". Fine.

The thing is, I would like my app to do the work of receiving the file in a different page (because if I start my app manually, I don't want the app to go through this process).

Therefore, I see two options, but I'm not sure about any of them :

  • The first option would be that when the app is launched thanks to NFC, it opens not on the Main Page, but on a different one. I didn't find any way to do that yet... Any idea?
  • The second option that I have partly developed, is that when the app launches thanks to NFC, the Bluetooth connection is automatically established. When the Connection state reaches "Connected", I can navigate to anotheer page. But will the Bluetooth Connection be preserved after the navigation process? If yes, how can I retrieve information on it, or access it to Dispose of the socket, etc... (My meaning here is that if I introduce all elements necessary for a connection on the main page, how can I pass things to the second page? Using a separate class?)

I prefer the second option which looks more reliable, but I'm open to any information that could help me sorting this out.

I hope you got my problem, and thanks in advance for your help!!



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