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I am using php session to pass user_folder_name from kohana (3.2.2) app to CKFinder config file. Everthing worked ok, until I used Kohana 3.0.8, but now it is headache.

When I set session_name('session') in CKFinder config.php file I get warning Class __PHP_Incomplete_Class has no unserializer. Session is destroyed so user logged out. The problem is object auth_user in session made by KO Auth class after login. I am not able to solve it. No solution in Google search.

My auth class use ORM driver, and native session_type. I have tried change session_type, and also driver but still same result. Strange is that while I used KO3.0.8, there was no problem to read session['auth_user'] in CKFinder config.php file although they looks same.

Any suggestion please?

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