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I'm using Ruby 1.9.3 RSS::Maker module to generate a RSS 2.0 feed for a podcast. I'd like to start including a <content:encoded> element for show notes. This is my code for generating the RSS.

s3_bucket = AWS::S3::Bucket.find(options[:bucket])

content = RSS::Maker.make(version) do |m|
        m.channel.title = options[:title]
        m.channel.link = options[:link]
        m.channel.description = options[:desc]
        m.channel.language = options[:language]
        m.channel.itunes_image = options[:image]
        m.items.do_sort = true

        s3_bucket.select{|object| object.key =~ /[\s\w]+\.(m4b|mp3|m4a|ogg|aac)/}.each do |audio|
                i = m.items.new_item
                i.link = audio.url(:authenticated => false)  
                i.title = audio.key.split(".")[0]
                i.author = options[:author]
                i.pubDate = audio.last_modified
                i.guid.content = audio.etag
                i.enclosure.url = i.link
                i.enclosure.length = audio.content_length
                i.enclosure.type = audio.content_type
                # Insert content:encoded code here

For generating the <content:encoded> element I've tried:

i.encoded :content audio.metadata[:content]

i.encoded :content, audio.metadata[:content]

i.content = audio.metadata[:content]

i.content.encoded = audio.metadata[:content]

i.encoded = audio.metadata[:content]

i.encoded.content = audio.metadata[:content]

None of these work and most throw a NoSuchMethod exception - which is not surprising based on the documentation of the RSS::Maker module.

Is there a way using RSS::Maker to add arbitrary elements with a namespace?

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I accomplished what I wanted using i.description = audio.metadata[:content] but, I'm still curious what the answer to my question is. –  Owen Oct 28 '13 at 17:49

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You’re looking for i.content_encoded.

The documentation isn’t too great, so I used i.methods to get a list of methods I can use on feed items. methods works on all objects.

The list is quite long, so you most likely only want to show methods you can write to, i.e. something like this:

RSS::Maker.make("2.0") do |ma|
  puts ma.items.new_item.methods.keep_if { |m|
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