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How can i use Bootstrap 3 in Zend Framework 2.2.4?
I mean the textfields or textareas. https://bitbucket.org/dlu/dlutwbootstrap doesn't work :(. At the Internet i found this Snippet but it doesn't work, too.

$formRenderer = $this->formRenderer($form, 'renderer.bootstrap', 'horizontal');

-> http://reverseform.modo.si/form/test-bootstrap

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Check the version of dlutwbootstrap : this is currently not compatible with BS3 –  Remi Thomas Oct 25 '13 at 13:35

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If you are looking for something better than just adding form-control perhaps look at:


I've been using it recently and for the most part it is working great. It is also actively maintained unlike dlutwbootstrap.

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ok i have found the solution by self. Just add the Class form-control to a form field.

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To be a little more specific than the "just add form-control" solutions, here is the syntax to set the class for any given Zend form element (Element\Text, etc):

$element->setAttribute('class', 'form-control');

I would have put this in a comment but I don't have the reputation yet. Yay StackOverflow!

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