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I have installed and configured the Jira Plugin for Sonar. When I click on "Link to JIRA", I get the following error message:

Impossible to create the issue on the JIRA server (https://jira.host.name/jira): {assignee=Issues must be assigned.} : []

Now, if I understand Jira correctly, for an issue type, I can make every field optional/required, EXCEPT for Assignee, which for some reason is a global setting "Allow unassigned issues".

This is a big Jira installation, and setting this global setting to ON is not an option.

So I'm wondering:

  • Is there some other way to make the Assignee optional?
  • Why isn't it using the Default Assignee, which is set in the project? I can create tickets manually just fine, and leave the Assignee on "Automatic", and it works.

Did somebody got this feature to work with the "Allow unassigned issues" setting turned off? If not, then I think this should be documented in the plugin documentation, that we need to turn that setting ON?

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Jira has a setting under Administration>Settings>General configuration called Allow Unassigned Users -- could that be the culprit?

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