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When I include a JSP, either by <jsp:include /> and specify parameters - they are perfectly accessible by EL ${param.XXX} but not by OGNL %{#parameters.XXX}.

For example:

<jsp:include page="fragment.jsp">
    <jsp:param value="foo" name="bar" />

and in fragment.jsp

value of foo in EL   : ${param.bar} 
value of foo in OGNL : <s:property value="%{#parameters.bar}" />

WHY ??? What should I use instead in Struts Tags ?

Note: with <s:include/> instead of <jsp:include/>, the parameter is not accessible even with EL.

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4 Answers

I encountered this problem recently. I found the reason is that the parameters in <s:include> is not stored in the request.parameters object of ActionContext, but stored in HttpServletRequest of JSP page. So the parameters can be obtained through EL(${param.xxx}) or <% request.getParameters("xxxx") %>, but we can't get it through (struts) ongl. Because the parameters are not in the ActionContext.

If you insist on using the ongl, you can add the parameters into ActionContext through jsp <% %> or EL and then you can obtain the parameters through ongl.

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This is what I do to solve the problem:

In including page:

<s:set name="searchName" value="my search term" />
<jsp:include page="/WEB-INF/page/whatever.jsp" />

In /WEB-INF/page/whatever.jsp:

Your searchTerm is <s:property value="#searchName" />

I hope it works for you!

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Yeah, I'm doing something similar on included page, <c:set var="localCopyOfParam" value="${param.realParam}"/> ... <s:anytag value="#attr.localCopyOfParam"/> but that's stupid isn't it? –  Pavlo Jan 13 '10 at 14:54
IIf you choose struts taglib you must do it like: | <s:set var="localCopyOfParamAjax">${param.ajax}</s:set> –  David Canós May 5 at 8:32
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Try the following.

<s:property value="%{#parameters['paramName']}"></s:property>
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