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I'm trying to run restlet's first application example - android to gae - but the value returned is alway null, showing a warning in Android's LogCat: Unable to find a converter for this representation : [application/json,UTF-8]

The specific code that returns null is this line:

Contact contact = resource.retrieve();

My Assumption that it's a conversion issue. If so, i'm surprised it's just a warning.

Any idea how to go from here?

Some notes:

  • I use restlet 2.1.4
  • I used curl to test the server side and it works great. Example: curl -i -X GET
  • To test Android against a local server, I use the following ip:
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Yes, found a solution.

I just needed to register a converter - Specifically Jackson converter. Found the solution in the following SO answer: http://stackoverflow.com/a/5205993/435605

Engine.getInstance().getRegisteredConverters().add(new JacksonConverter());

The registration I did in Android's application class as it's a global registration.

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