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Ok this is hard to explain, but here goes. I have a 3D list of objects. The objects type are called CObject, another class CTile inherts CObject.

       static public List<List <List <CObject>>> CObjList 
                  = new List<List<List<CObject>>>();

Ok now lets say that the list is full of information in the correct way. (Can be see via breakpionts in the code); So I go to access an item in list like below


Ok titleImageId is a member of CTile, but I cant access it by using this syntax. Its public and everything. All that I can access are the members of CObject class.

I hope I have explained myself as best I can there. Thanks

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(CObjList[0][0][0] as CTile).titleImageId
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That work! Thanks very much. – Ciarán Dec 24 '09 at 18:51


CList l = CObjList[0][0][0] as CList;
if(l != null)
    id = l.titleImageId

You should index the CObjList directly, not using a dot operator

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