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I have install RDO Openstack using --allinone on CentOS6 using nova-network using FlatDHCPManager. Now i am trying to add new compute node in cluster but i am confused, Document saying on compute node you only need nova-compute daemon.

  • But i am confused how it will configure network br100 for networking without nova-network daemon? How controller assign DHCP to VM etc?

  • Also do i need to copy nova.conf from controller to new compute node?

  • Any advice welcome!

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The idea is Here's the key to FlatDHCPManager configuration in /etc/nova/nova.conf for multiple nova compute node:


you should configure the network bridge on new compute node via nova-network (preferred) or do it manually on your own.

  • it is the dnsmasq daemon (started by service openstack-nova-network) listens to br100 device that assigns ip configs to VMs over DHCP. there is a dnsmasq daemon on each nova compute node. Notice that you need to manually kill the dnsmasq daemon process when changing network configuration.

  • nova.conf is shared by both controller and compute. and you can copy it to your new compute nodes. notice that you need to change specific entries which differ from host to host including: my_ip, vncserver_listen and vncserver_proxyclient_address.

Here's a good guide to show how FlatDHCPManager works.

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Thanks for reply! also i have put few more entries for multi_host=true so all node has own networking instead of forward traffic to controller. – Satish Oct 28 '13 at 13:51

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