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I have an app with two UITextFields, where the user enters an integer, and then a method is called with the values the user enters. But when I completely close the app, the values are deleted. I want to change it to save the value the user entered when it closes, and loads it up when the app is re-opened. I tried this with NSUserDefault, and it worked fine (with save and load button), but I want it to make it automatically, without pressing any buttons. I saw some other people do it with the basic methods in the AppDelegate.m, but I don't know anything about that, therefore I didn't understand it at all.

I saw MANY tutorials online, but I didn't understand any of them, please help, and give a detailed answer, thanks :)

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can you put the method that is being called when the values are change by the user? –  Brams Oct 25 '13 at 15:43

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Keep using NSUserDefaults, there's no better approach for what you want to do.

In your case, just set a delegate on the UITextField, and every time the value changes, save it in NSUserDefaults. In this way, you won't have any buttons and your NSUserDefaults will contain always the last value.

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You got it working with a Save button right? Then just apply the same code in the text changed event of the UITextField like this:

[textField addTarget:self action:@selector(textFieldDidChange:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventEditingChanged];

This means when the text changes in the field the code in 'txtFieldDidChange' will run. This is where you write to NSUSerDefaults

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You are almost there. Just define two fonctions, one to save your two strings and another one to load them.

    -(void)saveTextFieldValues() {
        NSUserDefaults *prefs = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];

        // saving
        [prefs setObject:self.firstTextField.text forKey:@"FirstTextFieldKey"];
        [prefs setObject:self.secondTextField.text forKey:@"SecondTextFieldKey"];

        [prefs synchronize];

-(void)loadTextFieldValues() {
    NSUserDefaults *prefs = [NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults];

    //Load textField texts

    if ([prefs stringForKey:@"FirstTextFieldKey"]):
        self.firstTextField.text = [prefs stringForKey:@"FirstTextFieldKey"];

    if ([prefs stringForKey:@"SecondTextFieldKey"]):
        self.secondTextField.text = [prefs stringForKey:@"SecondTextFieldKey"];


Then call saveTextFieldValues inside your callback (when user change one of the textFields) and call loadTextFieldValues just after you create textFields.

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