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I have this working Automator/bash script, which watermarks all files which I select:

shopt -s nocasematch
for f; do
  [[ $f =~ .*\.(jpe?g|png)$ ]] || continue
  d="${f%/*}/wm_$(date +%Y_%m_%d)"
  mkdir -p "$d"
  size=$(/usr/local/bin/identify -format '%[fx:w/4,279]' "$f")
  /usr/local/bin/composite -dissolve 10% -gravity SouthEast\
  \( $watermark -geometry $size \) "$f" -quality 100 "$target"

automator The problem with this setup, that does not work If I select folder (of course in this case I set type to Files and folders in Automator) with images inside (works only if I select images).

My second question is, how to modify this code to make selectedfolder_watermarked folders?

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This script only works with folders and it saves for example ~/Desktop/dir1/file1.png to ~/Desktop/dir1_watermarked/file1.png:

shopt -s nocasematch extglob
for dir; do
  mkdir "$dir"_watermarked
  for f in "$dir"/*.@(png|jpg|jpeg); do
    size=$(/usr/local/bin/identify -format '%[fx:w/4,279]' "$f")
    /usr/local/bin/composite -dissolve 10% -gravity SouthEast \
    \( $watermark -geometry $size \) "$f" -quality 100 "$dir"_watermarked/"${f##*/}"
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