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we want to publish an update of our app. Is it possible to rename the app after the update? let's say the app is called myApp and I want it to be called myApp 2 after the update... can it be done?

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Actually you can. You can change the "Bundle Name" which (I think) is the name the App appears on the AppStore and the "Bundle Display Name" which is the name that appears under your icon on the Home screen. But if you change your "Bundle Identifier" then your App is not the same App. More info can be found in the Apple Docs here.

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In Build Setting, You can change Product Name.

enter image description here

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This is great! Without changing the project and directory name. Thanks a lot. – Jeffrey Neo Dec 11 '14 at 8:37
By far the easiest best method, the picture did the explaining. – CaptainCOOLGUY Jan 25 '15 at 5:32

select your target, "Info" tab, and set the "Bundle display name" field to the name you want (i.e. "MySuperApp"). This is the simplest, pain-free solution.

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Sure, you need to modify Bundle display name in your .plist file

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The app name is the Product name for Debug/Release in Build Settings -> Packaging. If you change it then the Bundle name and Bundle display name might change too if the default ${PRODUCT_NAME} value is there. According to the Apple docs Bundle Display Name is the name that is displayed under the app icon while Bundle Name is a short name of the above but I am unaware of anything that uses it.

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just double click on your project name and rename it, then it will ask for changing all references in project click change.

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For changing the apps name see

However, the directory for the app's data will change as well. If you want to move some data, you can find the directory used by the simulator e.g. with: NSString *homeDir = NSHomeDirectory(); NSLog(@"%@",homeDir); before and after renaming and use 'Go to Folder' in finder to get there.

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