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This image, when saved to disk and loaded into Photoshop or virtually any other graphics program, appears fine, but when the same base64 data is used to create the image via PHP GD imageGIF for browser viewing, the image is corrupted/torn. We've exhausted every solution - problem appears to be with imageGIF, however we know it's very stable. Any help would be greatly appreciated. SAMPLE code is provide below:

Data file (raw base64 data), too large to be inserted here can be loaded from http://sourcewebsolutions.com/base64.txt

$Data = 'raw base64 data';

// Saved image is perfect when downloaded and viewed with Photoshop, MAC Preview or virtually any other graphics program...
$fp = fopen($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'].'/base64decode.gif', 'w');
if($fp) {
    fwrite($fp, base64_decode($Data));

// However - this produces a corrupted/torn image...
header('Content-Type: image/gif');

$im = imagecreatefromstring(base64_decode($Data));
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