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I am writing a C program where I am printing to stderr and also using putchar() within the code. I want the output on the console to show all of the stderr and then finally flush the stdout before the program ends. Does anyone know of a method that will stop stdout from flushing when a putchar('\n') occurs?

I suppose i could just do an if statement to make sure it doesn't putchar any newlines but I would prefer some line or lines of code to put at the top of the program to stop all flushing until i say fflush(stdout) at the bottom of the program

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Why not write to a buffer then write that to stdout at the point you want it to be displayed? –  simonc Oct 25 '13 at 16:12
Which OS are you using? –  alk Oct 25 '13 at 16:17

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What you're trying to do is horribly fragile. C provides no obligation for an implementation of stdio not to flush output, under any circumstances. Even if you get it to work for you, this behavior will be dependent on not exceeding the buffer size. If you really need this behavior, you should probably buffer the output yourself (possibly writing it to a tmpfile() rather than stdout) then copying it all to stdout as the final step before your program exits.

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Run your command from the console using pipeling:

my_command >output.txt

All output witten to stderr will appear immediately. The stuff written to stdout will go to output.txt.

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