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I created a grunt project, installed bootstrap and grunt-contrib-less and configured grunt to

  • Listen for less file changes and run the 'less' task appropiately (Working)
  • Compile Bootstrap.less on the 'less' task (Working)
  • Reload the browser upon less compilation (Not working)

Here is my gruntfile. Anything wrong with it?

Also bonus points for whoever tells me why dropping in grunt-recess to replace grunt-contrib-less (As in replacing 'less' with 'recess' on the tasks) works but aborts with a lot of compilation errors. More bonus points to whoever tells me why less compilation is working when Twitter only supports compiling bootstrap with recess.


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The gruntfile seems ok. Assuming that the "watch" task is working, the livereload of the browser can happen only with a plugin installed. See for Safari, Chrome or Firefox extensions.

For your compilation errors, notice that Grunt-contrib-less is using less v1.5 when recess still use less v1.3. See this issue on github.

This mean, for example, that compiling with recess you can't use the SourceMap feature.

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