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I am stuck on the on how to manipulate the datastructure

I have header file that declare like this

struct item{
 int    i;  
 char   str[88];

and I have a c file that I want to make 9 structure items(I delare as global variable and I already include the header file)

struct item a[9];

but when I want to put the data that I want into


      // let's say I have data int in index and char[] in string
      // and I want it to put at item_index

      a[item_index].i = index;
      a[item_index].str = string;

but when ever I tried to compile it seem that it always shows

error: expected an identifiler
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You need to use strcpy to assign to str - strcpy(a[item_index].str, string) –  simonc Oct 25 '13 at 16:24
You're basically doing everything right. The only problem is that you can't just assign a C string with "="; you need to use a function like "strcpy()". –  paulsm4 Oct 25 '13 at 16:58

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a[item_index].str = string;

This line will not behave the way you expect it to. You would need to use strcpy() in order to copy strings:

strcpy(a[item_index].str, string)
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Array Name is a non modifiable (read only) variable or better say constant.

In this statement:

a[item_index].str = string;

you try to modify an array str, it is not permissible.

Either you can assign value to each index one by one (that is what done by strcpy),
Or declare a pointer *str instead of array and then assign it any address you want.

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