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I have a ListBoxFor and the first item is All Values. I already have the list box set to allow multiple selections. I would prefer to make it so that if a user selects the All Values option they are either asked if they want to clear out all other selections (Use All Values) or keep their current selections (De-select All Values). I would be ok without the user dialog asking them what to do and just automatically clearing out selections, but that is less preferable.

At first glance it seems that Javascript/jQuery is the best route to go about for this. I wanted to check to see if anyone knew of built in functionality for ListBoxFor that does this. The other option that I see is building a custom html extension. Even with this I still only see JS/jQuery being built and auto generated.

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Haven't heard of a razor built in functionality for this.. I suggest use simple javascript to do this –  krilovich Oct 25 '13 at 18:42
@krilovich - I agree JS is the easiest way for me to design, I felt it was worth researching to prevent redoing something that might already be done. –  JabberwockyDecompiler Oct 28 '13 at 14:04

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