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I am new to Java and I'm grateful if anyone could help with the below. I am trying to make a scorekeeper for my chessboard. At the moment, the score will go back to zero everytime. How would I be able to save the previous score and add it every move? Thanks!

public static int scoreKeeper(Chessmen[][] chessboard, int X, int Y, int X1, int Y1, int currentNumber, int totalNumber){

    AbstractPiece knight = new Knight();
    AbstractPiece bishop = new Bishop();
    AbstractPiece pawn = new Pawn();
    AbstractPiece king = new King();
    AbstractPiece queen = new Queen();
    AbstractPiece rook = new Rook();

    if ((chessboard[Y][X] == Chessmen.WHITE_KNIGHT) || 
            (chessboard[Y][X] == Chessmen.BLACK_KNIGHT)){
        currentNumber = currentNumber+totalNumber+knight.relativeValue();
        return currentNumber;
    }else return totalNumber;
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What variable represents the previous score? –  nhgrif Oct 25 '13 at 17:20
" the score will go back to zero everytime." What do you mean "everytime"? Every time you run the program or every time you call scoreKeeper in the same running program? –  Bahman M. Oct 25 '13 at 17:21

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The main problem you have is that you are passing the value of currentNumber as a parameter that means it will not change outside this method this Example will illustrate my point

public class Test{

   public static void main (String[] args){
       int a = 0 ;
   public static  void changeValue(int a){

the output will be always 0 .

you can solve it by writing the methods getValueOfCurrentNumber() and getValueOfTotalNumbe()

to get the values [currentNumber and totalNumbe] instead of taking them as parameters .

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Thanks iShaalan, could you give me any tips I can make a getValue method? Do I need a class data member as well? Really appreciate it. –  Daniel Oct 25 '13 at 17:49
As well, you should probably be more descriptive with those variable names. Get total number of...? –  Jazzy Josh Oct 25 '13 at 21:14

The easiest solution is to store your score as a class data member:

class Game {
    static int score;

    public static int updateScore(... some inputs...) {
        if(some condition is true) {
            score = score + whatever you want to add;

The class retains the value of "score" between method calls.

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I suspect that you have a bad abstraction. I think you want a Chessboard to hide the 2D array of Chessmen. Let it keep the current score as a data member. Provide methods to select and move pieces appropriately.

I can see its constructor instantiating a Chessboard. It would set each of the pieces at their appropriate starting positions. Then each Player would take turns moving.

Not a trivial problem.

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