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I have encountered an error that prevents me from uploading the webpage to the server. I managed to let it work without any errors when I am running visual studio.

Here's the error enter image description here

However, when I removed Inherits="testconnect.index" , it can work but it cannot connect index.aspx.cs to index.aspx.

Like for example:

index.aspx.cs class

With lbl_test.Text inside the index.aspx enter image description here

Does anyone knows how to fix the error?

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You're trying to inherit from testconnect.index, but your class is named index1. Can you change the class name to index? Or, conversely, set the Inherits directive to inherit from testconnect.index1?

You have to specify the exact name of the class in order to reference it. "Close enough" isn't close enough.

(Note also that Visual Studio is trying to tell you in your index1 class that lbl_test doesn't exist. Supposedly perhaps the designer partial class is index? If that's the case, you'll probably want to just rename this partial class to index as well.)

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Hello I tried changing the name, unfortunately it can't work at all. – Minelava Oct 26 '13 at 1:11
It works now after I have changed the name from CodeBehind to CodeFile. Anyway, thanks for your help. – Minelava Oct 26 '13 at 4:01

Okay I have got it working by changing CodeBehind="index.master.cs" to CodeFile="index.master.cs". I learned that you will have to compile the file first if you want to use CodeBehind. Other than that, it is recommended not to name the aspx page exactly similar to masterpage.

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