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So visually they have the correct behavior. Only 1 radio button in a set is checked and the checkbox checks/unchecks in reaction to pressing it but it seems when checking the status of the inputs in the console that isn't the case. So I have:

<input id="addon-fixed" type="checkbox" value=True checked />

<input id="addon-type0" name="addon-type" type="radio" checked/>Addon<br>
<input id="addon-type1" name="addon-type" type="radio"/>Cutout

But regardless of what I click the behavior is always the same

$('#addon-fixed').attr('checked')   // always there

$('#addon-type0').attr('checked')   // always there 
$('#addon-type1').attr('checked')   // always undefined
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Try with .prop() -- Also, when are you running these? –  tymeJV Oct 25 '13 at 18:46

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Use prop() instead of attr()


Checking or unchecking the checkbox changes the checked property, it doesn't change the element's attribute.

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if you want to check whether it is checked or not: Use this...

}else {

hope this will help you...

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