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I am using the following for a user to input a date in a form:

<input name="name" type="date" id="id"/>

I am wondering if there is a way to parse the Day, Month, and Year from this and set them into different variables. I am trying to use only Javascript, not PHP.

The 3 variables would be integers.


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Your best option, if you're accepting input and converting it to a date, either split by part or as a Date object, is to simply construct a new Date object by passing it the input value:

var input = document.getElementById( 'id' ).value;
var d = new Date( input );

if ( !!d.valueOf() ) { // Valid date
    year = d.getFullYear();
    month = d.getMonth();
    day = d.getDate();
} else { /* Invalid date /* }

This way you can leverage Dates handling of multiple input formats - it will take YYYY/MM/DD, YYYY-MM-DD, MM/DD/YYYY, even full text dates ( 'October 25, 2013' ), etc. without having you write your own parser. Valid dates are then easily checked by !!d.valueOf() - true if it's good, false if not :)

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You may try like this:-

function parseDate(input) {
  var str= input.split('/');
  return new Date(str[0], str[1]-1, str[2]); 

str[1]-1 as months start from 0.

You may also check Date.parse(string) but this implemetation dependent.

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This logic seems to work, however when I run this, with the input of a date from the form, I get, "Invalid Date." I think the input is supposed to be a string, is this correct? – Jake Chasan Oct 25 '13 at 19:04
You need to parse a date in yyyy/mm/dd format to get it working! – Rahul Tripathi Oct 25 '13 at 19:08
And yes it has to be string! – Rahul Tripathi Oct 25 '13 at 19:09

You will want to split the value on '-', not '/'. E.g.,

$( "input" ).change(function(e) {
   var vals ='-');
   var year = vals[0];
   var month = vals[1];
   var day = vals[2];, month, year);

Here is a jsbin of a working example:

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