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I have a phone with an android jellybean 4.3. I am using google contacts in my people app. I would like to share my contact entry to my clients, however, I only want to send them specific entries such as my mobile number and email address only. My own contact entry have a lot of other fields in them such as home address, birthday, etc. which I do not want to send.

When I try sharing a contact entry via Bluetooth, Barcode Scanner, Gmail, etc it sends all of my Info without prompting me to choose which field from the contact I want to share. Is there a way to send only specific fields or do I need another app for that?

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You make a new contact that just has the information that you want to share in it.

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but what if i want to share numerous other contacts as well? making a new entry every time isn't really a good solution. –  Angelica Santibanez Oct 25 '13 at 20:35

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