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I have a set of 50 scores, and then of their ranking within the set. I want create a list of certain ranks and return their score.

So I need to lookup from the ranks and return the score that corresponds.

One issue I notice I have from a lot of the Excel tutorials online is that I'm not referencing a row/column next to the lookup value. Notice in the screen grab I have value sets A and B and then later across the sheet I have ranks for their values and then I have a column where I have listed ranks in order and I want to report the value for that set at that rank. So the value in the "S" column needs to look up the number value 1 in "I" and then report the value at that row in the "C" column.

Imgur screen shothttp://imgur.com/TMLI1Zk

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Which is column S, C, I etc? –  pnuts Oct 25 '13 at 20:06

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Sounds like you could leverage an INDEX MATCH here (based on your description, I can't see the screenshot).

If I understand correctly, though, you have the rank listed in Col I, and the score in Col C.


That will figure out how far down the list rank 1 is, and then go that far down Col C and return the value.

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