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I'm using mvc 2 release candidate, and am wondering if there's any way to pass a model to an action using RedirectToAction.

For example, I have an edit action which takes an ID, and loads the record from a database, displays the current values in text boxes and lets the user edit and click submit:

public ActionResult Edit(int ID)

Then I have an edit action for the HttpPost which takes a model and updates the database:

public ActionResult Edit(Administration.Models.ManagementCompanyModel model)

Because I already have the model containing the new data, I don't want to simply re-direct to the Details action, I want to somehow redirect to the details action and pass the model. Possible?

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I didn't see there was an overloaded Method for View that takes the action name and an object for the model. return View("Details",mymodel); –  Jeremy Dec 24 '09 at 22:38
that would be incorrect from a SEO point of view, and POST redirect GET is there for a reason as well –  Alexander Taran Feb 19 '12 at 6:32

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TempData["Model"] = YourModel;
Return RedirectToAction("details");

and in details action, check for TempData["Model"] != null and grab it from there

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