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I want to draw the true density on histogram. Here is my code, I'm not sure if my codes are right or not.

x <- rgamma(500,shape=8,scale=0.1)


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And by 'true density' do you mean the gamma distribution that you generated the values from or do you mean a kernel density estimate? Because what you have is the second one of those. –  Dason Oct 25 '13 at 21:48

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density() gives a local estimate of the density. The true density can be derived from dgamma, and plotted like this...

lines( sort(x) , y = dgamma( sort(x) , shape = 8 , scale = 0.1 ) , col = "blue" , lty = 2 , lwd = 2 )

enter image description here

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curve(dgamma(x, shape=8, scale=0.1), add=TRUE, col='blue')
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