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Is there a way to do that using open source map / API (Google Map API, Microsoft Live Map API)?

Or is there a way to traverse roads and junction from map files? (if I purchase commericial map data)


Edit: Either open source or API

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A possible solution based on openstreetmap depending on the quality of OSM data in the US.

As described here "Exit ramps/slip roads should be tagged as highway=motorway_link or highway=primary_link" if you import the map data for the US (using osm2pgsql) you can then select all motorway links.

E.g. (selects based on my own data, i.e. very much outside US)

openmapdb=# select osm_id, name, ref from planet_osm_roads where highway='motorway_link';
  osm_id  | name | ref 
 23683997 |      | 
 26436348 |      | 

23683997 and 26436348 are the OSM ids - if you click on the links you'll see they are indeed entry/exit ramps.

Once you've identified a way, you can access the latitude and logitude:

openmapdb=# select astext(st_transform(way, 4326)) from planet_osm_roads where osm_id = '23683997';                                                                                                                                             
    LINESTRING(24.8757131412186 44.8730730514894,[..]
(1 row)
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Thank you. It definitely helped. –  47d_ Dec 26 '09 at 9:04
Hey, I'm thinking of starting a project that needs this solution. Did it end up working out for you, 47d_? –  eastydude5 Jun 23 '11 at 22:08

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