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I'm trying to write an Ember application in Rails 4, and have decided to go with rails-api for the api controllers, while keeping the application controller intact for a few pages that aren't part of the single-page app. To put it in more concrete terms, here are my controllers:


class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base


class SampleController < ApplicationController
  # my methods


class Api::V1::ApiController < ActionController::Api
  include ActionController::MimeResponds


module Api::V1
  class SampleController < ApiController
    respond_to :json

    # my methods


My application.html.slim contains the following line:

== render partial: "flash_msgs" unless flash.blank?

The inclusion of which results in the following error:

undefined method 'flash' for #< ActionDispatch::Request:0x007f99f41d8720 >

Per discussion on this thread, it seems that the culprit could be rails-api, but I'm not entirely convinced given the inheritance I've set up. Any suggestions?

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Not sure but maybe you need to include the ActionDispatch::Flash middleware to support the flash. Using:

config.middleware.use ActionDispatch::Flash

The docs says:

ActionDispatch::Flash: Supports the flash mechanism in ActionController.

I hope it helps

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Thanks for that, I wasn't expecting rails-api to be so heavy-handed in its removal of middleware, and to only really affect the controllers. –  Jonathan Bender Oct 26 '13 at 0:25

If you're like me and creating an API on top of an existing application, you can add this to your config/application.rb file:

config.api_only = false

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See: https://github.com/plataformatec/devise/issues/2775

Inside devise.rb change

config.navigational_formats = ['*/*', :html]


config.navigational_formats = [:json]

or just [ ]

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