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How can I get "Current data: " and whatever value the #dataset_name paragraph takes to appear on one line?

<div id="current_data">Current dataset: <p id="dataset_name"></p></div>


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Try to use:

<div id="current_data">Current dataset: <span id="dataset_name"></span></div>

Spans are, by default, inline elements, p and div are block elements (therefore, they add a "newline"). You could also use <p style="display: inline;">...</p>, but it's better to use span in these cases.

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<p> elements are considered blocks by HTML while normal text is inline.

In your CSS put:

p {
  display: inline;

and you'll be good.

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Um, I don't think making all paragraphs inline is a good idea... –  max Oct 26 '13 at 0:20
well, yeah...meant to put #dataset_name but oh well. lol –  Deryck Oct 26 '13 at 0:22

Why not

<p id="current_data">Current dataset: <span id="dataset_name"></span></p>

It makes more semantical sense (as long as its not really a table).

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