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<util:map id="myMap" key-type="com.myClass.Foo.myEnum" value-type="com.myClass.Foo">
            <value type="com.myClass.Foo.myEnum">ONE</value>
        <ref bean="myObj"/>

package com.myClass
public class Foo {
    public enum myEnum {ONE, TWO;}

I am trying to create a map from Spriong 2.5.

Map<myEnum, Foo> myMap;

I am getting

nested exception is java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:com.myClass.Foo.myEnum

I definitely have com.myClass.Foo.myEnumin com.myClass.Foo I don't know why I am getting java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

Thanks in advance

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possible duplicate spring2.5 how to set a map with enum as key and an obj as value –  Reimeus Oct 26 '13 at 0:58

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Your enum class' fully qualified name is




Switch it and it will work. Spring uses reflection, with Class.forName() to get the Class object for your class and to instantiate an object. forName() expects a fully qualified name. Read this to understand why your class name contains a $.

Note that in newer versions of Spring, there's a catch block that catches the ClassNotFoundException and tries forName again after replacing the last . with a $.

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Many thanks! it worked! –  LCYSoft Oct 26 '13 at 22:54

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