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My program works fine on linux machine but when I compile on IBM yy_scan_string doesn't work. Do I need to declare or define yy_scan_string.

 File : "file.l"


 #nclude <iostream>

 #include <cstring>

 bool st = false;


  .([.][fF][1-9][0-9][Kk])$ { st = true; }

  . { st = false; }


  int main()


      const char *fName = "check.f9k";

      char *elem = new char[strlen(fName) + 1];

      sprintf(elem, "%s\n", fName);


      std::cout<<"\n ST : "<<st<<"\n";
      return 0;

  int yywrap() { return 1; }

Compile :

lex file.l

g++ -o outfile lex.yy.c -ll

lex.yy.c: In function 'int main()': lex.yy.c:131: error: 'yy_scan_string' was not declared in this scope

Please help me in resolving this error on IBM machine urgently. Please.

Thanks in advance. Shikha

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yy_scan_string is part of flex, but it is not part of traditional lex. I presume that your "IBM machine" has AT&T lex installed. (It might have flex as well.)

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