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I'm using PHPActiveRecord for managing my database models, however i'm experiencing some encoding issues.

I'm using PHPMyAdmin v3.3.10.4, MySQL client v5.0.51a and PHPActiveRecord v1.0. My connection collation and all my tables are defined with utf8_general_ci collation.

My PHPActiveRecord connections is created like this:

   'development' => 'mysql://username:password@mydomain.com/database?charset=utf8'));

If I manually insert an entry with special characters (for example é, ã, ç) through PhpMyAdmin, there is no problem, however when I insert entries through PHPActiveRecord, I cannot visualize the special characters correctly when browsing a table through PhpMyAdmin.

If I list my table entries and show them through a PHP page request, I have to set header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8'), but I can list all entries with special characters correctly.

Is there any configuration I have to make on my database or PhpMyAdmin for listing entries with special characters created with PHPActiveRecord correctly?

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Version 1.0 of PHP ActiveRecord that you are using does not have support for specifying an encoding via "?charset=utf8". It was added later in v1.1, see this commit.

To verify that, check your copy of php-activerecord/lib/adapters/MysqlAdapter.php and search for "set_encoding". If you cannot find set_encoding function definition, it means you're using old version of PHP ActiveRecord that does not support "?charset=utf8" config parameter.

There are at least 2 ways to solve it:

A) Upgrade to latest nightly build of PHP ActiveRecord. There is a possibility upgrade will break your existing code, so test everything thoroughly with the new version of the library, OR

B) Simply add this code after you configured a connection:

YourModel::query("SET NAMES 'utf8'");

It will set MySQL connection associated with that model to use UTF-8 character set. If you are using multiple MySQL connections (e.g. connecting to multiple databases), execute that query for each connection.

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