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After starting all other nodes, when I try to start nodemanager, it seems it has been opened and then automatically terminated. Like the following:

Yitongs-MacBook-Pro:hadoop timyitong$ sbin/yarn-daemon.sh start nodemanager
starting nodemanager, logging to /Users/timyitong/Dev/hadoop/logs/yarn-timyitong-nodemanager-Yitongs-MacBook-Pro.local.out
Yitongs-MacBook-Pro:hadoop timyitong$ jps
8981 DataNode
9300 Jps
9139 JobHistoryServer
8932 NameNode
9038 ResourceManager

I don't get any error, any exception, but the nodemanger is not there. And when I try to stop it, it says like this (the stopnodes.sh is just a script), which confirms that the nodemanager is not there:

Yitongs-MacBook-Pro:hadoop timyitong$ sh stopnodes.sh 
stopping namenode
stopping datanode
stopping resourcemanager
no nodemanager to stop
stopping historyserver

And I am not sure whether it is because nodemanager is not started, when I try to run the sample wordcount program, I always got my task pending forever.

My environment is OS X 10.8, Hadoop YARN 2.2.0. And I already solved the java version issue with export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home -v 1.6).

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Acctually I used bin/yarn nodemanger to start the server directly and found out the problem. It is in my yarn-site.xml where I should not set the name of yarn.nodemanager.aux-services containing dots (.) like mapreduce.shuffle. After change mapreduce.shuffle to mapreduce_shuffle, the problem is solved.

Really don't understand why it does not allow dots, since I config everything according to this blog post, where this setting seems to be fine.


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I think it worked for me too. Thanks –  StrataGeeks CEO Sep 30 '14 at 19:02

The mapreduce.shuffle should be mapreduce_shuffle . Please observe _ (underscore instead of dot). Also have a look at http://www.thecloudavenue.com/2012/01/getting-started-with-nextgen-mapreduce.html

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