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i have a footer with two button when clicked will show dialog box each button has its own dialog box that should appear just above the button.ive tried a couple of tutorials such as https://forum.jquery.com/topic/how-to-position-a-dialog-relative-to-a-div-instead-of-relative-to-the-viewport and How can I position my jQuery dialog to center? and jQuery UI dialog positioning but i cant make it work.it still appears at the center of the screen.and my other problem is all page should have the same footer but it does not show on all pages so i still have to go back to home page just to click the footer. what i want is the footer should show on all pages here is my code http://pastebin.com/Lz3eqXzX

UPDATE: i was able to make the footer appear in page one but unfortunately as soon as it appear it disappeared again.what i did was take out the home div. http://pastebin.com/n1n6Q4pL found this http://api.jquerymobile.com/dialog/ i tried margin-bottom: 0 although dialog didnt center didnt get what i want.this is in the example this is what i want this is what u want

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