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I want to configure SVN command line client SlikSVN with Beyond Compare 3 as external diff and merge tool. How to do this?

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  1. Add Beyond Compare 3 folder to Windows PATH. If you don't know how check this answer - just replace Python path with Beyond Compare 3 path.

  2. In Beyond Compare 3 folder create bcomp-diff.bat file:

    SET DIFF="bcomp.exe"
    SET LEFT=%6
    SET RIGHT=%7
  3. In Beyond Compare 3 folder create bcomp-merge.bat file:

    SET DIFF3=BComp.exe
    SET BASE=%1
    SET MINE=%3
    REM left MINE
    REM center BASE
    REM right THEIRS
  4. Now we need to edit SlikSVN config file. On Windows 7 it is located in %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Subversion (source). Just paste this into Windows Explorer address bar and edit config file.

    In [helpers] section of config file add/modify as below:

    diff-cmd = bcomp-diff.bat
    merge-tool-cmd = bcomp-merge.bat
  5. Restart cmd.exe so that PATH windows variable will be reloaded.

  6. You're done! Try svn diff inside your repository and it should run Beyond Compare 3.

I've made a gist with above batch files.

Batch files are based on this website.

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